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Worker's Compensation

Due to recent changes to legislation, this information is possibly obsolete. All updates will be printed as soon as possible. Please refer to our newsletter. Contact your lawyer, or ISN, for further information.

If you have suffered injury either at work, on the way to or from work or while working for your employer at another personís premises you may have rights under the Workers Compensation Act for compensation for those injuries.

In NSW all employers must under the law be covered for workers compensation insurance for all their workers. Under the law you have rights and obligations as does the employer and the insurer.

There are four main entitlements. To review each entitlement click on your choice:


For information regarding injuries on the way to or from work ("journey claims") click here

Your Obligations

As an injured worker you have a number of obligations under the legislation which if you donít comply with may cause you difficulty with your claim.  Click here to find out more about what those obligations are.

The Process

Most claims are lodged with the insurer and then the insurer will normally commence payments whether that be weekly payments or medical expenses or both. If there is a dispute about the payment of those benefits then the insurer will notify you of the dispute and what they have decided not to pay.

For information on this process please read this article.

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