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The Process

Most claims are lodged with the insurer and then the insurer will normally commence payments whether that be weekly payments, or medical expenses, or both. If there is a dispute about the payment of those benefits, then the insurer will notify you of the dispute, and what they have decided not to pay.

To lodge a claim you'll need to provide a work cover medical certificate and complete a worker's injury claim form.

If a dispute exists, then the matter will proceed to the Workers Compensation Commission for a determination of the issues under dispute, in the claim. If the matter relates to a dispute regarding lump sum compensation, only then, would you normally be referred to an independent doctor, who will determine your level of impairment. 

That report will then normally be binding on both parties, subject to any rights of appeal.
If the dispute relates to other issues such as, medical expenses, weekly payments, or liability, generally, then the Commission will organise a teleconference, to try and identify the issues. If, after the teleconference, those issues remain outstanding or unresolved, then the claim will be listed for a, face to face, hearing called an "arbitration" where the claim, or the issues, will be run before an arbitrator ,who will determine the issues and provide a determination. That determination will be binding on both parties, subject to any rights of appeal.

For further information regarding the dispute process at the Workers Compensation Commission, contact your Solicitor, The WCC, Workcover or ISN.

Download Relevant Forms

download a fileWorkcover Medical Certificate.pdf
download a fileWorkers Injury Claim Form.pdf

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