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Medical Expenses For The Cost Of Treatment

You are entitled to claim for the cost of your medical treatment. That may include:

a)     Medical appointments;

b)    Referral from your GP to a specialist;

c)     Physiotherapy;

d)    Hydrotherapy;

e)     medications and any dressings or braces that you may require, and

f)      rehabilitation expenses to try and get you back to work.

g)     the cost of your reasonable travelling expenses in attending medical and rehabilitative treatment.

It is important that when you want to claim for treatment that you have a referral from your treating doctor as the insurer will need to determine that the treatment is reasonable and necessary. That referral may be in the form of a workcover medical certificate identifying the treatment, or a referral letter from your GP.

Part of your treatment includes the costs associated with rehabilitation expenses. Rehabilitation is a program conducted by professionals whose task is to either get you back to work in suitable or pre-injury duties with your employer or with another employer. It is important that you understand your rights in relation to rehabilitation.

Often, as part of their internal processes, the workers compensation insurer will arrange for a rehabilitation provider to contact you and your doctor to commence a rehabilitation plan. It will often be a provider the insurer uses regularily. Under the Workers Compensation Act you have the entitlement to choose your own rehabilitation provider. You also have the option of changing rehabilitation providers so that if you are dissatisfied with the provider appointed then you can change the provider.

ISN has further information that will assist you in claiming for the cost of your treatment.

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