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Superannuation Claims

You may be entitled to make a claim under your superannuation in circumstances where you are unable to return to work as a result of an injury or illness. It is not a claim made on the superannuation contributions made by your employer or, if you contribute voluntarily, to those contributions, but a claim on the insurances that many superannuation policies have built in to them.
Most employees are unaware they have different insurances contained within their superannuation policies as they are taken out by the employer under the mandatory superannuation scheme.
In most cases how you sustained injury or became ill is not relevant subject to the terms of the policy. It does not have to be related to work, or a car accident however if it does then it would be an additional claim that you may be able to make which will provide a lump sum subject to you fulfilling the criteria contained in the policy.
In order to identify whether you qualify for the claim you will need to look at the statement that is issued, usually quarterly by the superannuation fund and the policy. If you are unsure about these, then you should contact ISN who can provide you with further assistance.


There are usually up to three insurances that can be contained within a superannuation policy. They include:

A) Total and Permanent Disability

The total and permanent disability (TPD) claim is the most common claim available under a superannuation policy. Most policies will contain a TPD claim. It is available to be claimed subject to you satisfying the definitions contained within the policy. Each policy will vary in its definition as to capacity for work, what constitutes an injury or disease and whether the policy will apply to a particular circumstance.
In order to make a claim you will need to obtain a claim form or initiating document from the super fund and any medical evidence that they require to process the claim.
If you fall within the definition of the policy then you may be entitled to the lump sum that is payable. To determine what may be payable you should look at your superannuation statements which will set out the lump sum payable for TPD.

B) Death Benefit

A death benefit is payable when a person deceases. The lump sum is usually payable regardless of the reason for death. You will however have to ensure you check the policy and the statement to ensure that is correct.
To process the claim the fund will require the relevant documents to confirm death and any medical evidence.

C) Income Protection

Most policies arranged by employers will not include income protection however if your superannuation policy does include income protection then you may be able to claim provided you satisfy the policy definitions. The policy will also identify what is payable on a weekly basis.

For further information regarding a TPD claim contact ISN.


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