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Welcome to the ISN Forum

Welcome to the forum.  We encourage all our registered members to openly discuss issues they have right here. Our security will not accept any email address that resembles your name so, if necessary, go to google and create a free gmail account to access this site.

This forum is very secure and we have gone to significant effort, and expense,  to ensure that users can talk freely, and openly, without fear of reprisals/repercussions, provided you have taken the above precautions.

In that spirit we do ask you, our users, to show the same degree of respect for each other, and one another's opinions, as you would like shown for yours.

We do closely monitor the content of the posts on this forum and, as per our LINK terms and conditions, we reserve the right to edit, or delete, any content on this forum.

We also, as per our terms and conditions, reserve the right to suspend, or delete, users for repeated infringments of our terms.

You will receive automatic updates, of new posts, unless you choose to unsubscribe.

Now go forth and discuss!

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